The Live Casino Win-Win Chip has arrived

Casino players have been enjoying Win-Win Chips for a while already and it’s only fair that we bring the gift that keeps on giving to our Live Casino players, but with a significant improvement – no wagering requirements!

If you don’t know what a Win-Win Chip is, we don’t blame you. Take the best thing ever times two, add the feeling you get when you open a present from a loved one and stir gently. That’s a Win-Win Chip.

All jokes aside, depending on your offer when you activate a Live Casino Win-Win Chip, we’ll either:

  • Boost your winnings by 10% up to $25 or refund 20% up to $50 after 24 hours
  • Boost your winnings by 10% up to $50 or refund 20% up to $100 after 24 hours

Here’s an FAQ on how this works

Q: This all sounds amazing! So how can I get my hands on a Live Casino Win-Win Chip?

A: We’re a generous bunch and we love to surprise people. Keep an eye on promotions here in Rizk Insider and your Rewards section.

Q: When I activate a Live Casino Win-Win Chip, how long will it take until I get my win boost or cashback?

A: When the chip is activated in your Rewards section, a 24-hour countdown will start in the top-left corner of your screen. When time’s up, your money will appear in your Rewards section where you have to claim it within 7 days. Just to remind you, there’s no wagering on this money.

Q: Are there any requirements at all on this chip?

A: Only one. You have to play at least 50 game rounds on Live Casino games to qualify for the win boost and cashback.

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