Gold Rush – Game of the Week

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gold Rush is this week’s featured game, available on all devices. We are proud to introduce Pragmatic Play as one of our latest games providers and if we’re to judge by the quality of Gold Rush, then we can say with great confidence that you, our players, will have countless hours of fun and excitement ahead of you as we’ll add more and more titles to the casino.

But now we’ll turn our attention to the reason you’re here, Gold Rush, the game. Most games won’t go into details regarding its volatility, but here you’ll be presented with a 4/5 grade on the start page. Slot volatility is a completely different story and we won’t go into that here. For now, think of it as this:

  • Low Volatility – More frequent winning spins but lower payouts on average
  • High Volatility Less frequent winning spins but higher payouts on average

So with a 4/5 you’ll know before you start playing that this is quite a volatile slot but because it can be played for as little as €0.25 per spin it’s well worth a shot. Of course, if you want to really go for it you can up the stakes to €125 per spin.

Playing Gold Rush

Before you enter the mine shaft and go prospecting for a healthy haul of winnings in Gold Rush, you should determine the stake you’ll be playing at. When that’s out of the way you can spin the 5 reels in three different ways. You can either set the game to autoplay up to 1,000 spins, click the spin symbol in the bottom right corner or hold space for turbo spin.

There are 25 available paylines and just like most online casino slots, Gold Rush pays from left to right starting from the leftmost reel. Twelve different symbols are used in the game, including the traditional playing cards 10 to Ace. You’ll notice that in the end there are three symbols you really want to see all over the reels: the bearded miner (the highest paying symbol), wild dynamite sticks and the scatter.

Wilds and the bearded miner are the only ones that can be stacked, which is obviously helpful. Bearded miner can appear on every reel but the wild dynamite sticks aren’t available on the first reel. Scatters can only land on reels 2, 3 and 4 and you need all three to trigger the Gold Rush free spins round.

Gold Rush Free Spins

The free spins round in this game might be even more exciting than the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1800’s. You start with 10 spins but every time you land a scatter you’ll get 2 more, nice! In theory you could be playing free spins until the stars burn out, unfortunately you won’t. But hey… the possibility is there.

A new symbol is introduced during free spins, the gold nugget. Collect these and extra bearded miner symbols will be added to the reels. Every free spins bonus round start with 7 extra miners but once you start gathering those nuggets you’ll notice the change:

  • 0-4 gold nuggets = 7 extra bearded miners
  • 5-9 gold nuggets = 16 extra bearded miners
  • 10-14 gold nuggets = 21 extra bearded miners
  • 15+ gold nuggets = 29 extra bearded miners

By now you should have been able to put two and two together and realise that spinning free spins with a whole bunch of added bearded miners vastly increase the chances of hitting big wins. Bottom line, Gold Rush by Pragmatic Play is exciting, fun, a bit on the volatile side and has a theoretical retur to player of 96.5%. If we haven’t managed to convince you to take the game for a spin by now, chances are we never will.