The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays + 100K in Prizes

According to Google Maps there are hundreds of locations across the globe called Shangri-La, but as far as we know none of them offer Cluster Pays or a magic red panda! So before you end up in a hotel in China or spa resort in Brazil, stop by our casino and try this online slot from NetEnt. By the way, feel free to check out NetEnt’s 100K promotion this December.

Even though the legendary place of Shangri-La may be just as real as Narnia or Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, travellers from around the world were trying to find it for ages. It’s supposedly a place of super calm and tranquillity which is a far cry from the excitement you feel when you hit a big cluster win in this week’s edition of Game of the Week.

In Shangri-La: Cluster Pays you don’t have to worry about paylines or even the six reels, the online slot rewards you for landing clusters of any of the symbols. A cluster is a group of at least nine symbols connected vertically and horizontally. The symbols in the game come from the actual legends about Shangri-La, nothing but calmness like flowers, gold fish, butterflies, some divine stacked animal symbols and so on.

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Symbols in The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays

Because of the cluster pays function in the Legend of Shangri-La there aren’t that many symbols to keep track of. In fact, there are only seven different paying symbols and a mystery symbol of course a free spins symbol to get you to the promised land. Here they are in order of payouts:

Elephant, Monkey and Tiger – these symbols represent wealth, wisdom, strength and cleverness. We are sure you already have all these qualities, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit to that wealth now, is there? These are all stacked and will count either as one or two depending on how much of it is visible when the reels have stopped. Still, praise them all for they will inflate your win by up to x5000 your bet for a max cluster of 30 symbols, except the tiger. That one’s x10,000!

Dragonfly, Butterfly, Cherry blossom and Koi Fish – these are symbols of good luck, great fortune, new beginnings and rebirth. All of them can bring you exactly what they represent in Chinese mythology. All you need to do is land a cluster of nine or more of these symbols. After your win, just relax and collect your reward. If you hit a max cluster of 30 symbols of any of these, they will pay x2000 your bet.

Mystery symbol – you will recognize this symbol by the question mark on its face. It can transform and substitute and add to any cluster of symbols (except the free spins scroll) but only if you’re missing symbols to complete a cluster of nine.

Free spins scroll – the free spins scrolls are also stacked which means they can count as either one or two depending on how much of the scroll is visible when the reels have stopped. They don’t have to be in a cluster to trigger the free spins feature, they just have to fully or partially appear as three symbols anywhere on the reels.

Shangri-La Free Spins

Depending on how many free spins scrolls are visible when the reels stop Shangri-La will grant you a corresponding amount of free spins accordingly:

  • 3 Free Spins Scrolls = 5 Free Spins
  • 4 Free Spins Scrolls = 6 Free Spins
  • 5 Free Spins Scrolls = 7 Free Spins
  • 6 Free Spins Scrolls = 8 Free Spins

Before every spin, the red panda monk will add between 2 to 6 wilds (mystery symbols) that may help you collect big wins. Unfortunately, a totally negative ice dragon thing will reduce 1 to 4 of those substitution symbols after every free spin in order to maintain balance.

But there is nothing to worry about, you’ll usually have enough sticky wilds to hit winning clusters. Also, as a precaution, if your total win from a free spins bonus round is less than x10 your bet, you may be rewarded with an additional free spin.

Random features of Shangri-La

The Shangri-La red panda monk/wonderer/guru/wise man or whatever has a few tricks up his robe and will help from time to time with a few random features. These are all pretty cool tricks that can help boost your winnings. Check it out!

Nudge Reels – If you managed to land 2 free spins symbol, the red panda monk may help you by nudging the third symbol back on the reels. This will trigger the free spins bonus round.

Random Substitutions – If you hit 2 clusters, but they are not connected, the monk may send you some magical support, a few mystery symbols to help you connect your clusters and possibly a very handsome win.

Sticky re-spin – If you have 2 non-winning clusters of the same symbol, the monk may trigger a sticky re-spin which will keep your clusters on the screen while the reels will be spinning. The reels will re-spin for free as long as more symbols are added to your clusters.

Captain Rizk absolutely recommends playing Shangri-La, especially if you’ve never tried playing an online casino slot with the cluster pay function before. It’s truly exciting and provides for a different gaming experience. Of course, The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays is available on any mobile device as long as you have an internet connection.