Sticky Bandits, the making of an online slot

Online slots are essentially computer games based on different game mechanics and themes and Sticky Bandits, the latest Quickspin production, is no exception. With thousands of different titles offered on the market, how is it possible to constantly come up with new titles? Where does the innovation come from?

The only way to find answers to these questions and more was to have a chat with one of the founders of Quickspin, Mats Westerlund. You probably don’t know who he is but he’s a bit of a legend in the online gaming industry. He’s the man behind titles such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Blood Suckers just to mention a few.

“I get my inspiration in many different ways. It could be that I think of a funny mechanism in a game and then it grows from there. Mainly I think about what I would personally like to see in a game, something I would play,” Westerlund said and added: “An idea for an online slot can come at any moment, even when you’re in the shower.”

Sticky Bandits

If you haven’t played Sticky Bandits in Rizk Casino yet, you should really give it a try. It has all the makings of becoming an instant favourite. Massive icons that act as both wilds and bonus symbols can cover up to every position on two reels (2 and 3 or 4 and 5) and if you happen to have a smaller bonus symbol on the first reel, then you’ll trigger 7 free spins where the massive icon will become sticky and stay until you’ve played all your free spins.

You’re looking at super big wins if you manage to lock in the second wild symbol to cover the other two reels during free spins. But it’s not only this mechanic that makes Sticky Bandits a great game. It’s visually good looking and the soundtrack feels like a modern spaghetti western mixed with a bit of bluegrass.

“It was actually one of our math guys who came up with the idea for Sticky Bandits. He had seen some other game that used a different take on massive symbols, and we felt that we wanted to do the same but make them wilds and bonus symbols so when they hit the payouts will be really big,” Westerlund said.

“Here at Quickspin we encourage everyone to come up with ideas for new games and then we juggle back and forth. We are truly a company where everyone is a player and we cheer like crazy when someone hits a free spins round, especially on Sticky Bandits.”

Finding the Sticky Bandits’ theme

There are already several western-themed slots available at Rizk Casino, such as Dead or Alive, Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist, Gunslinger, The True Sheriff, and now Sticky Bandits. Western is truly quite common, but Quickspin still felt that it was the best way to go for Sticky Bandits, for two reasons. The games provider didn’t have a western-themed slot and they wanted the two massive symbols to work together as a duo.

“We thought along the lines of a having a dynamic duo so it became Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (two notorious train and bank robbers in the American Old West) but we couldn’t use them for copyright reasons. Still, since we’ve never produced a ‘western’ before, we stuck with the theme and made the duo a bit more generic,” Westerlund said.

Sticky Bandits at double speed and jackpot race

On Monday 21/08/2107 you can play Sticky Bandits at double speed in the casino until 22:00 CEST when the Rizk Jackpot Race starts. A special prize pool has been added to the top-30 racers. Here you can find more information about current Rizk Races in the casino.