4 Reasons Why You Should Play Deal or No Deal Live

We’re going to let you in on a little secret – Deal or No Deal Live is already one of our favourite games.

We think Deal or No Deal Live is a rare thing – a game that most people will love. Find out why below.

It’s Fully Interactive

Deal or No Deal Live is a fully immersive Live Casino experience where you’re both the audience and the player.

During the course of the game, you get to watch the host react to what’s inside each of the briefcases, but you also get to make crucial real-time decisions.

Your decisions during the qualifying round – more on that below – will also directly influence what prizes are available for you and, ultimately, what deals the banker will offer.

As expected from a new release from Evolution, you can also chat with the host all throughout the game.

It’s Exactly Like The Original Deal or No Deal

The calls from the banker. The audible gasps from the host. The dramatic music. Deal or No Deal Live has got it all.

You’ve watched Deal or No Deal. You’ve screamed in frustration when the player skipped on the deal of a lifetime. You’ve gasped in awe when they trusted their gut and took home a top prize.

Now it’s time for you to experience the emotional roller-coaster of a Deal or No Deal game first-hand. And this time, you won’t be watching someone else. Deal or No Deal? From the comfort of your own couch, you get to decide. You can even do it on-the-go if you like – the game is fully available on mobile.

And let’s not forget the great production values Evolution has brought to the table – a special shout-out to the dramatic soundtrack that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

But You Don’t Need To Like Deal or No Deal To Enjoy It

If you think this game is just about giving you the chance to play Deal or No Deal from the comfort of your home, you’re wrong. You’re very wrong, my friend.

We won’t lie – it does exactly that. And, as we mentioned before, it does that very well. But this is a live game, after all, not just something you passively watch at home.

Unlike the show, you know what’s in your box. You even get to influence its content, to a certain extent – more on that below.

And don’t worry. You won’t be badgered about your relatives or what you plan to do with your money. You just have to play and do your best to take the best deal.

And You Don’t Even Need to Be a Live Casino Expert

No, you don’t need to know how to double-down, hit or stand to play Deal or No Deal Live.

There’s a new generation of Live Games (think Dream Catcher or MONOPOLY Live) that lets you enjoy all the real-time action of a Live Casino game without having to beat the dealer or the house.

You don’t even have a dealer on Deal or No Deal Live. Instead, you have a host, whose job is to entertain and guide you as you play along. And even that is optional.

If you’ve had enough of the host’s antics, you can always mute the sound. Don’t worry – as long as you’re quick enough to respond to the banker’s deal, you won’t miss out on a thing if you do!

While using the live chat is an engaging experience, you can also decide to ignore it and concentrate fully on your own gameplay.


Deal or No Deal Live is a light-hearted Live Casino game that manages to remain fast-paced and engaging until the show’s over.

While you won’t have to twist your brain trying to learn how to play it, you still need to grasp a few unique concepts about the game.

How to play Deal or No Deal Live:

On Deal or No Deal Live you take part in a game show where the prizes from 16 briefcases are gradually revealed.

Your goal is to decide if the deal you get from the banker is better or worse than the prize inside the last revealed briefcase.

There are three stages to the game – qualification, top up, and the game show. Let’s have a look at how it goes.


Place your bet and spin the wheel in order to unlock the game show. To do so, all three golden segments must be in the unlocked position once the reels stop.

There are three modes on the wheel:
Normal all segments must be unlocked in a single spin. This is both the cheapest and the hardest mode.
Easy – on Easy Mode, you buy one wheel segment, increasing your chances to qualify at a slightly increased cost per spin.
Very Easy – on this mode, you buy two wheel segments, giving you an easier chance to qualify. This is, however, the most expensive option.

At this stage, your bet will define what prizes will be available inside the briefcases by selecting how much you want to bet (bigger bets mean bigger prizes). And there’s more – you can select (and boost) your favourite briefcase during this round as well.

Top up

Now you get to spin another wheel to boost the prizes inside each of your favourite briefcases. Each top-up comes at a cost, however, so choose wisely.

Game Show

This is it. Your chance to put your deal-making skills to the test.

You will be presented with 16 briefcases, which will open a few at a time. After each round, the banker will give you a deal, and it’s up to you to take it or leave it.