Double Speed Promo

When you play games at Rizk you fill the power bar and when the power bar is full, the Wheel of Rizk is activated. But sometimes, there is too much built up power, which causes the Wheel of Rizk to run at double speed. When this happens the power bar fills twice as fast and your chances to win prizes on the Wheel of Rizk are doubled.

How it Works

Every time you play a game at Rizk, you create Rizk Power which is then used to power and activate the Wheel of Rizk. You can see the power levels on the Rizk Power Bar located on the top left-hand corner of your screen. Sometimes there is an excess build-up of energy and it causes the power bar to go into overdrive which means it functions at double its normal capacity. Depending on the amount of residual energy, a few games could be affected, or it could affect all of them. But don’t worry, when the power bar goes into double speed, we’ll make sure you know about it so you can take advantage and double your chances of winning wager-free prizes from the Wheel of Rizk.

So remember to opt into texts and emails and look out for announcements on Rizk Insider and social media so you can get ready to play.

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