Dream Date – Game of the Week

Whether you’re on Tinder, Grindr or any other online match-making service, finding your dream date is never easy. Until now that is! Thanks to Microgaming you never have to sleep alone again. Their slot doesn’t get headaches and is always in a mood.

In this game you’re the lady and thus calling the shots. Start by selecting which era you want to play in, historic or modern, and which hunk in the different eras you would want to be your Dream Date. If you pair them up in the hot zones you’ll get special rewards.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves and premature information leaves no one satisfied. Before playing, there are a few things you should know.

Dream Date Hot Zones and Free Spins

Who knew that hot zones and free spins walk hand in hand? In this game they do, especially if you pair up the lady with her selected date. So start by choosing where in time you want to be. Basically, would you like to be in a Jane Austen-esque era or a modern femme fatale?

Each era will have its selection of eye-candy: Don Juan, Gladiator, Hunter or Pirate for the good old days, or Secret Agent, Firefighter, Outlaw Biker or Pool Boy in the more contemporary setting.

Either way, the middle position on the first and last reels are the hot zones as long as a lady or hunk land there. If you can pair any guy with the lady in the hot zones, you will get an instant money win up to 40x your bet but if the match is with the dream date you’ll get both the cash prize and free spins. You can also get to the free spins round by landing 3 scatter symbols anywhere across the reels.

The chosen dream date hunk will replace all other possible dates during free spins so there’s less competition for the lady’s attention.

How to Play Dream Date

You already know all the good stuff, but it never hurts to know a bit more about a slot before you go to town on it. Firstly, Dream Date is a classic 5-reel-3-row-game but instead of traditional paylines you have 243 ways to win.

This means that symbols can be anywhere on the reels as long as the “line” isn’t broken. For example, if the same symbol appears on the first 4 reels it counts as four in a row. At least three in a row are needed for a win.

Apart from the hunks and the lady there are scatters and wilds in this game. You already know that three scatters anywhere will get you to the free spins round, but two scatters anywhere will pay the same as your wager.

Wilds can appear on every reel, but when you’re lucky enough to land one on the middle reel it will expand and grant a 2x multiplier to your winnings. This feature is also available during free spins. Actually, it’s possible to win a staggering 1,800x your stake on every free spin where the 2x multiplier comes into play.

Dream Date Settings

Start by setting your bet limit to anything from €0.15 up to €60 per spin and if you don’t feel like clicking to spin, you can always go into the autoplay function and set the game to play on its own up to 100 spins.

Enjoy Dream Date on any device from your computer to your tablet or your mobile. Okay, that should pretty much cover all bases. It’s about time you put on your finest attire, it’s date night after all and who knows? You just might get lucky.