Introducing Rizk Club – Exclusive Live Blackjack and Live Roulette Tables

Bring out the celebratory bubbly! We’re proud to announce the grand opening of Rizk Club’s exclusive Live Tables.

Expect dazzling deals, cut-throat competitions and troublesome tournaments at three brand-new and exclusive Rizk tables: Rizk Blackjack 1, Rizk Blackjack 2 and Rizk Roulette.

Rizk Attitude at the Live Casino

You already know we’re bold. Brass. Nothing short of amazing. But are the new Rizk tables just as awesome?

We think they are. Starting with the hosts.

Unlike some other dealers out there, our own Rizk dealers don’t dress and behave holier-than-thou. They have an easy-going vibe that is reflected in their outfits.

All the Live Dealers at the Rizk Exclusive tables were sourced from prime dealer spawning-grounds. They were hand-picked by Captain Rizk and trained to provide the friendliest, most engaging Live Casino experience you can hope to find.

As for the tables themselves, they’re not just called Rizk Tables – they’re Rizk to the core. Unlike all the glitzy Vegas-inspired tables that, let’s be honest, you can find just about anywhere else, at Rizk Club you can expect to play in a relaxed, stylish environment.

But we’re just scratching the surface. The truth is, the tables at Rizk Club have a higher purpose than just looking fabulous in Rizk red.

The Tables

These three tables are exclusive to Rizk, are draped in a daring shade of red and pack some serious Live Casino heat.

Rizk Roulette

The ball is rolling on this unique Live Roulette table, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.

Take it for a spin – and keep an eye out for exclusive deals on the best Roulette table at Rizk Casino.

Rizk Roulette is open 24/7.

Rizk Blackjack 1

Whether you hit, double-down or stand, this Rizk-Exclusive table is one of the top-2 best Live Blackjack choices at Rizk.

We might sneak in a bonus card or two and a few offers from time to time on this table, so make sure you’re on the lookout for some extra action.

Rizk Blackjack 1 is open 24/7.

Rizk Blackjack 2

One exclusive Blackjack table wasn’t enough, so we went for two.

Just like Blackjack 1, you might be able to find bonus cards and top-notch deals on Rizk Blackjack 2 at any given time.

Rizk Blackjack 2 is open between 11:00 and 03:00 CEST every day.