Dwarfs Gone Wild – Double Speed on our Game of the Week

Once upon a time… is how most fairy tales begin. One of the most famous ones include a certain princess, who took a long nap after eating an apple, and her seven little friends who all worked in a mine.

Our Game of the Week is definitely inspired by that story and this week you can jump right into it with Double Speed on Dwarfs Gone Wild from 10:00 CET on 11/03/2019 until 23:59 CET on 17/03/2019. Don’t miss the €1,650 Rizk Race at 21:00 CET on 13/03/2019.

Another gentle reminder, every time you level up in the casino you get a free spin on our Wheel of Rizk where all rewards are free from wagering, including a €2,000 jackpot.

Dwarfs Gone Wild Bonus Features

On the left hand side of the game you’ll see the Golden Minecart Bonus Meter, keep an eye on this to keep track of boosts from various bonus features. Every winning spin on any of the dwarf symbols will raise the level on the bonus meter.

When it’s full it will reset and add one mining cart. Each cart represents a random dwarf bonus feature that will be added to the Free Spins game. Sure, it may sound a little complicated, but you’ll quickly get a hang of it once you start playing.

Dwarfs Gone Wild Free Spins

To trigger the free spins you’ll need to land 3 Bonus Scatters on the three middle reels. The bonus meter will empty and you’ll get a dwarf feature added to the free spins bonus game for every mine cart you’ve collected.

Just like in the old story, there are seven dwarfs in the game. It’s not clear what their names are but some of them bear striking resemblance to known characters from other games. It’s easy to figure out which dwarf will award during free spins what just by looking at his appearance.

Rolling Wilds: A dwarf in a typical strong-man leopard print leotard jumps across the reel, from right to left and becomes a wild symbol where he lands. Each time he jumps you get a respin as long as the dwarf has landed in the play area.

Spreading Wilds: Here’s a dwarf with a red beard that will definitely remind you of someone you know, a cowboy with a hot temper. He will place a wild in a random place on the reels, it explodes and, well, spreads wilds.

Throwback Wilds: This dwarf is really obvious. He’s in a cart. He speeds across the reels and generates between 2 and 5 wild symbols behind him. In case you need a clue, he’s often thought to be a plumber and he has a brother named Luigi.

Full Reel Wilds: If you fail to see the similarities between this guy and a certain hammer wielding god from Norse mythology… you will. He will slide across the top of the reels and create up to 2 Full Reel Wilds, particularly good if they land next to each other.

Free Wilds: Here’s a more generic character with a musket and fur hat, a lumber jack type of dwarf who will fire a random wild onto the reels in the best possible position. You’re virtually guaranteed a winning payline from this guy.

Extra Spins: If you’ve ever seen any fantasy movie you’ll know where the inspiration for this dwarf comes from. It’s all in the pointy hat, long cape, white beard and staff. Anyhow, this dwarf will grant you an additional 3-5 extra free spins.

Win Multiplier: Remember that board game where you had to buy properties and build houses and hotels to ruin your opponents? Yeah, it’s that guy. If he’s in the mix he will add one or more winning spins multiplied by 2x, 3x, or 5x.

Dwarfs Gone Wild Magic Mirror

If you get the Magic Mirror symbol on the reel 3 in the main game, 300 additional Snow White symbols are added to the game, dramatically increasing your chances of winning, which is pretty great considering she’s the highest paying symbol in the game.

Land 5 in a row and you will win €6,000 if you’re playing at max bet. Snow White will also grant you 2 respins with all the extra symbols available. Some might say that’s mighty white of her.

How to play Dwarfs Gone Wild

Start by setting the bet value per spin, starting from €0.20 up to an even €100. Then decide on how you want to play. You can either click the spin symbol in the bottom left corner, or you can use the space bar to spin.

Of course, if you don’t want to click or press anything, set the game to autoplay. You can easily choose to play anything from 10 to 1,000 spins and set the game to stop if you reach a loss limit or a single win limit in the advanced settings.