Emoji Planet Rizk Races

Is it hip to be square? You don’t have to know how to write with emojis to take part in our special Emoji Planet Rizk Races with double prizes, just keep your ? and aim for the top spots to get the big ?. The Captain has prepared three 1-hour races at 21:00 CEST three days in a row from 06/09/2017.

Just ?the competition and we promise that ?will be there for you unless he ?on the carpet again. Don’t forget that you can still level ☝️ during races and get ? of Rizk rewards. Each race will reward the best players with the following cash prizes:

1st place €2,000
2nd place €500
3-4th place €100
5-10th place €50
11-20th place €20
21-30th place €10

Now when you know what to do, go conquer Emoji ?!