The Great Rizk Casino Robbery

Captain Rizk and Lucky have locked away 600 Free Spins in the vault just for you and they’re challenging you to rob them blind this September. Start by coming up with a game plan, set yourself up with the proper equipment, then put on your balaclava and get to work.

Your first level up in the casino every day from 11/09/2017 to 30/09/2017 means that you’ve successfully made off with 30 Free Spins from the vault, 10 immediately and 10 per day at 00:00 CEST for the following two days. Keep it up for three days straight and you’ve got 30 Free Spins to play on the third day. Time to rob our superhero duo blind!

Your daring robbery will definitely be worth bragging about so don’t shy away from telling your friends. Captain Rizk and Lucky will be hot on your tail so make sure you play your available Free Spins before midnight, or lose them. Do you have what it takes to get past the Captain and his best friend? Prove it!

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