Wicked Tales: Dark Red – Double Speed on our Game of the Week

It’s Halloween week! We’re likely to encounter burn victims with knives on their fingers, immortal giants in hockey masks, other guys in Shape masks who hold serious grudges towards babysitters, chainsaw wielding rednecks with other people’s faces and the occasional clown, doll and Ghost face.

Avoid any of these stereotypical killers like the plague and enjoy Double Speed this week from 10:00 CET on 29/10/2018 until 22:59 CET on 4/11/2018 on Wicked Tales: Dark Red by Microgaming instead.

We’ve even touched up our almighty Wheel of Rizk to fit in with this week’s theme. You’ll see it every time you level up in the casino. So have at it! Now, let’s get into the wicked tale of Dark Red.

Dark Red Bonus Features

The first bonus feature we should mention is the Wandering Reels function. It’s not an actual bonus feature in the true sense but check this out. Each spin, there’s a chance that 3 reels will move and change the way the game looks. It means that each spin the game’s rows will be positioned in one of three ways:


This means that when the first 3 reels have 4 rows, you’re guaranteed to hit a big win if you land a Jumbo Block-sized symbol (4×3) in that place. Perhaps not a bonus, but the function sure leads to some big wins.

Wolf’s Wheel Bonus

When you land three full moon scatters you will be brought before the Wolf’s Wheel of Bonus. Every spin on the wheel, one of three things can happen:

1) The wheel lands on a multiplier, your original stake is multiplied and the wheel spins again
2) The wheel lands on a character symbol and you trigger 9 free spins
3) The wheel lands on a chest symbol and you’re taken to the forest of fortunes

Number 1 is pretty much self-explanatory so we won’t bother with that one, instead we’ll go through the other 2 results in order.

Dark Red Free Spins

It’s fairly straightforward. You’re granted 9 free spins and moved to the cabin in the woods. The character symbol used to trigger the spins is the only character symbol available. The Wandering Reels function is still in place.

Dark Red Forest of Fortunes

This is a “pick-me” bonus round where you select leather pouches to reveal either a coin prize, an axe or a wolf. Coin prizes will be multiplied by the active multiplier on top of the screen, up to 10x, until you reach the treasure chest at the end.

If you find an axe, it will protect you from the wolf. If you find a wolf before you have found an axe, the Forest of Fortunes bonus game ends.

About Dark Red

Dark Red is a gritty re-telling of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf is an actual werewolf and the little girl on her way to grandma’s house is an axe-wielding blonde. And rather than merrily skipping through a magical woodland, we join our heroine on her journey through the foreboding forests of Ravenmire.

Did you know that in the original version of this tale, the wolf ate both grandma and Little Red and there weren’t rescued? Pardon the pun, but that’s pretty grim.

There’s one great twist to this game, and that’s when it points out: “What big winnings you have.” We’ll leave your response up to you.

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