Win Your Share Of €25 000 In The Yggdrasil Slot Tournament

This week, we’ve got something different for you to enjoy, a brand new slot tournament hosted by our friends over at Yggdrasil. From 03/02 until 12/02 all players who play an Yggdrasil Slot Game will automatically be entered into the tournament where you can win your share of 2 different prize pools, one worth €20 000 and a raffle that has a €5000 prize pool.

Here’s How It Works

€20 000 Prize Pool

To win your share of the €20 000 prize pool you will need to complete 3 objectives in the least amount of spinspossible. The 3 objectives are:

  • Collect 4 Fire Dragon Heads Playing Double Dragons

The Double Dragons Slot Game includes the Dragon Heads feature whereby you can collect either Ice Dragon Heads or Fire Dragon Heads to win free spins. This objective is to collect 4 Fire Dragon Heads, the Ice Dragon Heads do not count. The fewer spins it takes to collect 4, the higher up on the leaderboard you’ll be.

  • Collect 50 Free Spin Symbols Playing Nirvana

The Nirvana Slot Game includes the free spins feature, represented by the Lotus flower. To complete this objective, you need to collect 50 Lotus Flower Free Spin symbols. The fewer spins it takes to collect the 50 symbols and the higher up on the leaderboard you’ll be.

  • Hit 3X2, 2X3 Or Bigger Blocks 10 Times Playing Big Blox

The Big Blox Slot Game includes a feature called the Big Block which will appear after each spin. However, the size of the block is completely random, ranging from 2X2 to 5X3. Your objective is to get anything bigger than a 3X2 or 2X3, 10 times. The fewer spins it takes to collect all 10 and the higher up on the leaderboard you’ll be.

The Raffle

Once the leaderboard has been finalised, players in positions 1 to 500 will have the chance to win one of 189 raffle prizes worth a combined €5000. To enter the raffle you will need to enter the Mission Window of Double Dragons, Big Blox or Nirvana game client and pick one of the chests no later than 72 hours from the completion of the leaderboard. The Mission Window will appear on the left side of the games during the tournament, to enter, simply open and choose a chest.

The Prizes

Leaderboard Prize Pool

Position Prize

Raffle Prize Pool

€10001 Chest
€5001 Chest
€2502 Chests
€1005 Chests
€5010 Chests
€2520 Chests
€10150 Chests

 So, if you’re going to be playing anything this February, make sure it’s Double Dragons, Nirvana or Big Blox. That money won’t win itself and we know that it’ll look very good sitting in your account, so get playing.

Good Luck!