Betting on La Liga

Whether its outright title odds, Champions League qualification or relegation scraps, betting on La Liga poses a challenge to even the most experienced of bettors. Arguably Europe’s best football division, the Spanish top flight offers punters a variety of challenging and unpredictable markets in which to test their know how.

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The Spanish Primera Division, otherwise known as La Liga, has always been one of the top leagues in European football. With an ever-growing fan base spanning the entire globe, Spain’s top tier is enjoying what some may call It’s finest hour.

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have a greater understanding of the landscape when it comes to betting on La Liga, and in turn, a better chance of profiting come season end.

La Liga league structure

Twenty teams compete for the La Liga title each season, well, in theory. See, claims to the title are reserved for just an elite few, most notably, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Of late, Madrid’s closest rivals, Atletico, have emerged as real threats to the top two, winning the title in 2014 and finishing in one of the four available Champions League spots eight times between 2008 and 2018.

The dominance of Real and Barca has brought into question the quality of the league in the past, but choosing between the two always remains a challenge when it comes to title betting. No other team has won La Liga, other than the aforementioned three, since 2004 when Rafael Benitez’s Valencia claimed their second title in three seasons.

The head-to-head rule is used in Spain’s top division to determine who will come out on top should two teams finish the season level on points. The scores from the two games played between the teams in question are combined to give an aggregate score. The team with the higher aggregate score will finish the season above the other.

Qualifying for Europe

If you’re looking for more of a challenge when betting on season outrights, having a punt on who will qualify for Europe should provide a greater spread regarding possible winners, and present a much better opportunity to extract some value from the market (should you choose wisely).

The top three teams qualify for the group stages of the Champions League, with fourth place entering Europe’s most elite club competition during the qualifying phase. For those unfortunate enough to miss out on a top-four spot, fifth and sixth place get into the Europa League, where teams can earn a route into the Champions League for the following season should they be victorious.

Spain’s dominance in European Club football is what cements their claim to having one of the greatest leagues in world football. A La Liga club has featured in either the Champions League final or Europa League final fourteen out of the eighteen seasons since the turn of the century.

Being Relegated from La Liga

Betting on teams to be relegated from La Liga is another interesting and challenging approach to wagering on Spain’s top tier. The make-up of Spanish football’s league system is a vast and complex structure, with teams in the lower divisions playing in principality leagues, before moving up to the more widely recognised Tercera and Segunda divisions.

Teams who finish in the bottom three spots of the Primera Division are relegated to La Liga 2, which sits above the Segunda Group divisions. The two teams (excluding reserve teams) who finish at the top of La Liga 2 are promoted to La Liga, with the teams finishing 3rd – 6th entering into a playoff to battle it out for the last remaining spot.

19 different teams have suffered relegation since 2010 showing how unpredictable this market can be. Aside from the automatic relegation enforced on Elche back in 2015 for mismanaging their finances, guessing who will suffer the fateful drop is not easy and can present punters with some real value.

La Liga Outright Odds

A good variety of La Liga outright markets are available throughout the season at Rizk Sportsbook. The term ‘Outright’ is used to describe a market that involves a player/team winning a tournament. You’re not limited to betting only on the winner, though. You’ll find markets for teams to finish in the top four, qualify for Europe, or for a player to be the top scorer.

La Liga Outright Markets;

Outright Winner – This market offers odds on a team to win the league.

Finish in the top four – As the name suggests, for a selection to win on this market, your choice must finish the season in the top four.

Relegation Betting – This market offers betting on which team/s you think will be relegated at the end of the season.

Divisional Handicaps – This market can be great to bet on, especially if you think a team is going to have an exceptional season by comparison to the last. Starting with the favourites (who are given zero points), each team will be awarded a points advantage based on various factors (History, previous season’s finishing position, squad strength). At the end of the season, the points advantage is added to the team’s overall points tally, to form an alternate league table. The winner is the team at the top of the alternate table.

Betting ‘without’ markets – This is an excellent market to bet on if you have a team who will most likely run away with the title. In La Liga’s case, it has two. You’ll often find a market for this league that excludes Barcelona and Real Madrid, allowing punters to choose who will be the best, from the rest. To win here, merely eliminate Barca and Real from the table at the end of the season, and the team that sits atop wins.

Straight/Dual Forecasts – Betting on a forecast usually involves picking two selections to finish both first and second. A straight forecast requires you to get the order correct, while a dual/reverse forecast will cost you double the stake, but will pay out no matter which way round the teams finish.

Tricasts & Combi Tricasts – Similarly to a forecast, a Tricast is picking three teams to finish in a particular order. Get it right, and the rewards can be enormous. The combi tricast gives you that flexibility, though. The three teams can finish in any order (as long as it’s in the top three), but you’ll have to stump up 6x more in stakes, as there are six different combinations.

If you’re thinking of Betting on the La Liga this season, remember, selected Outright markets at Rizk Sportsbook will be available for Cash Out throughout the season, so check back regularly to see if you’re onto a winner.