Betting on Asian Handicap Markets

So you log into Rizk Sportsbook and see Valencia +2.5 v Real Madrid -2.5. Huh? “We’re scoring half goals now?” Not quite! This is an Asian Handicap market. This form of betting allows you to even the odds, turning what could have been a very mundane walk in the park for the favourite, into an entertaining and potentially lucrative affair.

Asian Handicap markets?

Asian handicap betting is extremely popular in many parts of the world and is available at most Sportsbooks. This format allocates what is effectively a head start to one team, and a deficit to the other, levelling the playing field for a more exciting match. At the end of the game, the handicaps are applied to the final score, and a winner is determined.

What’s the benefit?

Let’s use an example from the Premier league for this one, say Manchester City vs Bournemouth.

Most Sportsbooks will consider Man City to be heavy favourites for this clash, playing at home, and having the seemingly stronger team. Backing City here on your standard match betting markets would probably return around a quarter of what you put up. However, what would you say if we offered you even money on Man City with a 2.5 goal deficit? Would you fancy them to win 3-0, 4-1, 5-2?

You can also use Asian Handicaps’, not just to level the playing field, but also to boost the odds if you feel a team is going to have a runaway victory. The match betting odds may be close already, but if you fancy a team to go three or four up, why not take -1.5 on them and get a better price?

So you can choose the handicap?

Yes. The odds on Asian markets will differ depending on the handicap you apply to each team. Using the same example, if you were to give Bournemouth a 0.5 head start, one goal would be the difference between winning and losing. Since the likelihood of Man City scoring one more goal than Bournemouth is relatively high, the odds you would get for this bet would be much better than if you were to take Bournemouth at +2.5.

What’s with the half point handicaps?

The half point added to each handicap prevents a draw from occurring. Since nobody can score half a goal, betting in this manner guarantees a win or a loss. You can, however, bet on whole number markets and receive your stake back should the result (after handicaps have been considered) end in a draw.

And the quarter points?

This is where Asian Markets get a little tricky.

You’ll see handicaps that end in .25 and .75. These are what some may call ‘a hedge’. If you bet €20 on Bayern Munich -1.75 @ 1.98 odds, you are essentially betting on two selections (Bayern -1.5 & Bayern -2.0). A bet on the quarter point is a bet on the two half points either side of it.


Quarter PointIs a bet on
+0,25+0 and +0,5
+1,75+1,5 and +2,0
-2,25-2,0 and -2,5


Your stake will be split evenly and applied to each choice.

Think of it like this:

Part A: €10 on Bayern -1.5 @1.98

Part B: €10 on Bayern -2.0 @1.98

Total Stake = €20

Potential returns = €39.60 (€19.60 winnings + €20 stake)


And the possible outcomes for your bet are;

Bayern win by three or more goalsYou win on both parts
Bayern win by two goals exactlyPart A wins and Part B ties
Bayern does not win by two or more goalsBoth parts lose


As you can see, if Bayern scores three or more goals, both parts of the bet will win as the deficit for both selections will have been overcome. Outcome 2 has Part A winning the bet and Part B ending in a tie, meaning you will get your stake back for Part B. Any other result will end in a loss.

Where can I find Asian Handicaps at Rizk?

Asian Handicap Markets are available both pre-match and in-play and can be found within the events.

With Asian Markets available at Rizk Sportsbook, now every game can be a close encounter.