Cash Out and Splash Out

Cash Out and splash out on every live event when you play at Rizk Sportsbook. Now you choose whether to stay in the game or get out while the going is good thanks to this live betting feature that’ll transform the way you bet on sports.

How does it work?
So, You’ve heard that Cash Out is available at Rizk Sportsbook and head on over to place a bet on this evening’s game. The match kicks off, and the team you backed goes a goal up early. YES! To check if you have an offer available, go to ‘My Bets’ and locate the bet slip. At the bottom, you see the offer. It’s good, but it’s not huge. So you hold off to see how things go.

Halfway through the second half now, your team is still 1-0 up, but it’s not looking good, they’re tiring, and an equaliser is looking more and more likely. You check the Cash Out again and all of a sudden, the value is much better. Do you hit the button and send that offer directly to your Rizk account, or hold out for the final whistle?

Is there a benefit to using Cash Out?
Absolutely! Being able to Cash Out allows you to manage your bet and, if necessary, get out before things turn ugly. After all, your team doesn’t have to win the match for you to make some serious bank! It’s the perfect way to turn what could have been a losing bet into a winner!

Another advantage of this feature is the instant payment perk. At the end of a big game, all the bets need to be processed, which can take time. When you Cash Out, your money hits your Rizk account instantly.

What else do I need to know about Cash Out?
We aim to have Cash Out available on as many games as possible, however, for the more obscure events, this may not be possible. To avoid disappointment, make sure your match is being covered live to ensure you’ll get an offer during the game.

Why is my offer suspended?
This happens from time to time. Don’t worry; it’s usually when something significant happens in the event like a goal or a penalty. Give it a few seconds, and you should have an offer back on the table.

Is Cash Out available on multiples too?
Oh yea! You can place a double, treble or whatever kind of multiple you like. As long as they are all being covered live at Rizk Sportsbook, you’ll have an offer ready and waiting to be claimed.