How to bet on Sports at Rizk

So, you want to add a little Rizk to this weekend’s main event with a bet in our Sportsbook. Well, we’ve got you covered, buddy! All you need to do is Log into your account, head on over to Rizk Sportsbook and select the event of your choice. Directly underneath, you’ll find a collection of leagues, tournaments or categories to help you locate a match within that event type.

Once you’ve found the event you want to bet on, browse through the available markets until you find your next winner then click on the odds to add that selection to your bet slip. Your bet slip will then appear at the bottom of your screen. You’re now one step closer to your first bet at Rizk Sportsbook.

How to place your bet
Like most Sportsbooks, you can add multiple selections to your bet slip, reinvesting the individual odds of each selection into one (usually much larger) price. You can find out more about betting on multiples in our Different Bet Types article.

Back to our single bet for the meantime, clicking on your bet slip will open it up to reveal more details about your chosen bet. You’ll see the selection, the odds and a box to enter your stake. Be sure to double check your selection to ensure your bet is correct.

After you enter your stake, the bet slip will display your potential returns. Once you’re happy with the amounts, hit Place Bet and Voilà! You’ve just placed your first bet at Rizk Sportsbook.
Now, here’s where it gets interesting! Do you sit back, relax and wait for your bet to win, or do you make use of Rizk’s Cash Out feature and decide for yourself when to blow the final whistle?

If you run into any difficulties, feel free to get in touch with one of our Support superheroes on chat. They’ll get you up and running in no time.