Navigate Rizk Sportsbook like a pro!

When it comes to navigating Rizk Sportsbook, there’s only one way we like it; Awesomized! Upon logging in, you’ll find the sports section in the main menu on the left. Once inside, the menu at the top of the screen will guide you to your favourite events.
The most popular events at our Sportsbook will appear as icons at the top of the screen and will include the Search Function, My Bets and Add Event icons too.

My Bets/My Account
Navigating to this section is by far the fastest way to check if you have any bets available for Cash Out. You will also find any open bets still in progress and will be able to view all the bets you have placed previously, in chronological order.

Add your own events
The add icon on the far right of the menu is your very own space to add an event of your choice. Let’s say your favourite sport is Cricket, navigate to the add icon, click that bad boy, add Cricket from the list of sports, and BOOM! You just customised your Rizk Sportsbook experience. Yeeeeah, buddy!

Filtering tournaments and Leagues
After clicking on an event, you’ll see the relevant tournaments/leagues appear underneath. Select your preferred choice or click ‘all’ on the right side of the menu to find more options (Remember, the ‘all’ button will only search for tournaments/leagues within the specified event type).

Clever cookies
Once you begin placing bets, our Sportsbook will learn how you like to navigate our site and will move the events you enjoy most to the forefront of your menu. The more you play, the speedier you will get, and before you know it, you’ll be finding prices for your favourite events in a flash.

Drop it like it’s hot!
Once you’ve located the tournament or league, further customise what you see by clicking on the dates to open or close the drop-down menus. We cover everything here at Rizk Sportsbook, so if the event you are looking for isn’t there, it probably never existed in the first place.

We’d love to stay and chat more about navigating Rizk Sportsbook, the truth is though, the best way to learn, is to just dive right in.