Rizk Casino’s first million pounds jackpot winner caught by surprise

When our first ever £1 million jackpot winner hit the big payout he didn’t even realise his good fortune at first. It was around 22:00 in the evening and he was sitting at home in his apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden, playing Cleopatra Mega Jackpots at £2 per spin when all of a sudden his screen lit up.

There was fireworks and something about a jackpot, but he was certain that the game was merely indicating that the jackpot had been won by someone else and that he for sure wasn’t the lucky winner. And could it even be possible for someone who’s only had Rizk Casino account since late July to win this big? Of course it’s possible.

Normally, his favourite game is Gonzo’s Quest so when all the bells and whistles went off and the message about the progressive jackpot flashed on his screen, it’s not hard to imagine that he was absolutely clueless to the fact that his life had just changed.

“Yeah, I saw some fireworks and so on and I saw the amount £1 million and the game stopped, but the only thing I was thinking was ‘that this sort of thing doesn’t happen to me’ and ‘that the jackpot must’ve been won by somebody else,’ so I just muted the game and kept playing,” The 45-year-old winner said.

Rizk Casino player for less than a month

July 26 was the first time our winner caught one of Rizk Casino’s ads on television and in less than a month he became our first sterling millionaire. Our lucky chap really liked the TV ad so he registered an account, made a deposit and claimed the Welcome Bonus for the full amount to get the ball rolling. Before long he discovered the benefits of the almighty Wheel of Rizk.

“I really like the Wheel of Rizk and the Rizk Races because it feels like there’s always something extra involved. So what keeps me coming back to Rizk Casino? Well, even now that I’m a jackpot winner I will come back for more Wheel of Rizks and Rizk Races,” he said.

Our first Rizk Casino jackpot millionaire may have been confused at first after he won since he wasn’t expecting it, but it’s not the first time he’s played Cleopatra Mega Jackpots. And from time to time he also plays Cleopatra Plus, a similar game without a jackpot.

“I like that game as well. It’s not all about the jackpot. My favourite games are Gonzo’s Quest and Wild Turkey,” he said.

Obviously, what we’re all dying to find out is: who have you told that you’re a millionaire and have you thought about what you’re going to do with the money?

“So far I’ve only told two of my work colleagues and two family members that I’ve won a Rizk Casino jackpot and that I’m now a millionaire. As far as plans go, I’m going to do some renovations to my apartment and I’m probably going on a trip to Australia,” he said.