Boost winnings up to £100 daily on Live Roulette

Chime in on our New Year’s countdown with a daily windfall of up to £100 on our Evolution Live Roulette tables, excluding Lightning Roulette, where the lucky countdown numbers have a 50x payout.

The countdown starts at 09:00 GMT on 27/12/2018 and goes until 12:59 GMT on 31/12/2018, leaving you with more than an hour to prep for midnight.

Here’s how it works

Each day of this promotion will have a new countdown number, starting with 5 then 4 and so on. If you win on an active countdown number you will get paid 35x your bet at the table while 15x your bet will be added to your account’s Reward section by 16:00 GMT on 02/01/2019.

Only straight up bets of at least £1 on the countdown numbers will be boosted when they win. Here are the lucky countdown numbers in full:

Thursday: 27/12/2018, win straight up on 5 for a 35x + 15x payout (09:00 GMT – 22:59 GMT)
Thursday/Friday: 27/12/2018 – 28/12/2018, win straight up on 4 for a 35x + 15x payout (23:01 GMT – 22:59 GMT)
Friday/Saturday: 28/12/2018 – 29/12/2018, win straight up on 3 for a 35x + 15x payout (23:01 GMT – 22:59 GMT)
Saturday/Sunday: 29/12/2018 – 30/12/2018, win straight up on 2 for a 35x + 15x payout (23:01 GMT – 22:59 GMT)
Sunday/Monday: 30/12/2018 – 31/12/2018, win straight up on 1 for a 35x + 15x payout (23:01 GMT – 22:59 GMT)

Each day when you’re hitting the countdown numbers straight up, you can win a maximum of £100 from the 15x win boost during this promotion. All winnings from the 15x boost are without wagering requirements.