Lucky Number 7s

It’s really hard not to look smug when you pair an Ace with a 10 in Blackjack, but how do you think you would look if you land on 21 with three 7s? To find out, try our Rizk Live Casino Blackjack promotion from 09:00 GMT on 03/01/2019 until 22:59 GMT on 06/01/2019.

Here’s How It Works

  • Play any Evolution Live Blackjack with at least £5 real money bets
  • Land on 21 with three mixed suit 7s to win 20x your bet
  • Land on 21 with three suited 7s to win 100x your bet

But it gets better. You can play on up to two seats at any Evolution Live Blackjack table if you want and you can even split 7s to go for multiple hands of triple 7s and win on each one.