NetEnt’s Festive 100K Giveaway

Here’s all the information you need about NetEnt’s 100K in prizes this December, 2017. Throughout the month (1/12 – 31/12) you’ll be collecting tickets whenever you play any NetEnt slot in Rizk Casino, one ticket for every £200 wagered. You can collect as many tickets as you want.

When the promotion is over there will be a draw where two players win a whopping 50K prize package each. Every prize is for two people so if you win you can bring someone near and dear on an amazing experience. Let’s just say that you can pick any of these prizes, snap a few pictures and your social media profiles will be the envy of all your friends.

All prizes include luxury living and business return flights except the Safari in Africa. Those flights are standard. You’ll also have full support from management and plenty of extras. The extras vary from prize to prize but it’s safe to say that they are all pretty darn awesome!

The Edge of Space: For everyone who ever dreamt of becoming an astronaut and boldly go where no man’s gone before in a galaxy far, far away – this is the prize for you. Stay in a 5-star penthouse in Las Vegas and dart around Sin City in a supercar, maybe a Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari Spider or BMW I8, your choice.

Bottom of the Ocean: Why not dine 5 metres below the surface of the Indian Ocean with your best friend? Snorkel with whale sharks and be marooned (just for an afternoon) on your own deserted island. A world famous spa treatment and a Deluxe Water Villa is also included.

Dine inside a Volcano: If you think life wouldn’t be complete without being able to say that you’ve dined inside a volcano, here’s your chance. Also, you could brag about diving between tectonic plates, gone whale watching and took a trip to the legendary Blue Lagoon. Since you’re going to Iceland you might want to start by learning how to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull.

Build a Treehouse: But not just anywhere. You and a loved one will be on the Kokomo Yaukave Island in Fiji where there are only 5 villas. Of course one of them is yours for your stay, but you can totally plan and build your own treehouse with a local expert and spend a night in it. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like Lord of the Flies. It’s the ultimate getaway with tons of water sports!

Safari in Africa: Glide over the Masai Mara in Kenya in a hot air balloon and try to spot the Big Five from the skies. Continue on to the exclusive North Island of the Seychelles where you’ll be housed in a Presidential Villa. It’s a great escape with plenty of waters to splash and snorkel in.