You Play, We Pay Chip!

Welcome to one of our most coveted offers, the You Play, We Pay Chip. It’s not often you have a chance to get bonus money returned to your account whether you win or not in a casino. Or so you would think. We’ve figured out a way to either boost your winnings or help recover your losses.

This is how it works. When you activate You Play, We Pay Chip from your rewards section you’ll have either 60 or 120 minutes of play time, depending on your offer, after which we’ll top up your account with bonus money, regardless of if you’re a winner or not. You’ll either boost your winnings by 10% or recover 20% of your losses.

Keep a watchful eye on the timer at the top-left side of your screen once your chip is activated. When time’s up your bonus money will be calculated automatically and a new item will appear in your rewards section. Simply click on it to add your bonus money to your account instantly.

How can I get a You Play, We Pay reward?

For now we urge you to check your emails regularly. The Captain and Lucky the Super Dog are both very generous. There’s no saying when they might drop a You Play, We Pay Chip just for fun in your rewards section.