Deco Diamonds – Game of the Week

On the surface Deco Diamonds may look like just another run-of-the-mill fruit slot with all the symbols you’re used to from so many other games out there, but the game of the week packs quite a nifty punch when it comes to potential big wins even though it only sports 9 paylines. Go figure!

With stacked symbols on every reel it’s not that hard to hit winning payline and the special Deco Diamonds symbols, which are the ones you’re really after, can land on any of the five reels. And that’s when it starts getting interesting.

Firstly, the Deco Diamond symbols are wild and will substitute for any other symbols. Indeed, any other since there are no scatters or other bonus symbols available in this game. The more Deco Diamond symbols you land the wider you’ll grin. And here’s why.

Deco Diamond Respins

If you land two or more Deco Diamond wilds you’ll get a free respin and eventually you can get all the way to the big Bonus Wheels. This is how the Deco Diamond symbols will help you on your way to very big wins, assuming you hit them on the same spin. If you don’t you’ll just keep respinning until you don’t hit any.

1 Deco Diamond will simply be a wild symbol on that spin
2 Deco Diamonds will be wild and grant one free respin
3 Deco Diamonds will be wilds and grant one respin and launch the Silver Bonus Wheel
4 Deco Diamonds will be wilds and grant one respin and launch the Gold Bonus Wheel
5 Deco Diamonds will be wilds and grant one respin and launch the Diamond Bonus Wheel

Obviously we don’t have to tell you that landing five wilds in a row will in and of itself be a huge payout, and this is before you even get to spin a Bonus Wheel. Let’s save the best for last, shall we? This is what you’re really after – the Bonus Wheels.

Deco Diamonds Bonus Wheels

As you can see from the crude bullet points above, there are three levels of Bonus Wheels in Deco Diamonds: Silver, Gold and Diamond. But with a bit of luck you can upgrade a Silver Wheel to Gold and a Gold to Diamond. These wheels all behave the same way except for the level of payout multipliers applied to your wager. Here are the different multipliers per wheel:

Silver Wheel win multipliers: 5x 8x 18x 58x 80x
Gold Wheel win multipliers: 8x 18x 58x 98x 588x
Diamond Wheel win multipliers: 18x 58x 98x 588x 1000x

Unfortunately a win multiplier isn’t applied to the current winnings from previous respins because of Deco Diamond wilds, it’s applied to your wager amount per spin. Deco Diamonds can be played on a wide range of bets per spin, starting from as little as €0.10 per spin up to €50 per spin.

Yes, there are games out there which will allow you to bet more per spin, but those games won’t have a potential win multiplier of 1000x. Theoretically you could hit a €50,000 win on a single spin in this game. That’s comparable with a lot of non-progressive jackpot slots. Even the high paying symbols, all stacked, have decent payouts. Stacked diamonds pay up to 100x, the golden seven is up to 50x and bells are up to 25x.

Now that you know what makes this game tick you understand why we picked this Microgaming slot as this week’s Game of the Week. It may not look like much but Deco Diamonds can pack one hell of a punch! Have fun playing it!